Case in Point: A Successful Nurse Entrepreneur

Young doctor at the hospital

In this case, there is a woman who works as a nurse and entrepreneur. She is called Ms. Nia. She is a nurse who is not only successful in the world of nursing but also has succeeded in the world of entrepreneurship. She has a lot of businesses; one of her business is in the field of textile. Her capital initially revolves around IDR 5,000,000 which turned out to be successful effort though there are some losses in the beginning on building her business.

Finally, she reached a great success. Monthly income earned by Ms. Nia reaches approximately IDR 500,000,000. The textile business already has some branches and some have been exported to many countries. However, in his work, Ms. Nia never forgets her profession as a nurse. She was known as a religious nurse and responsible towards her duties.

This case tells only a small part of the success story of a nurse, hopefully we will not just be a regular nurse, but also can be a successful entrepreneur.

Effect of Nurse Image in The Business World



Bad image of nurses would harm us that are going to plan a business, especially a business that will start in accordance with the health profession. In the health field nurse figure is a figure that is closest to the patient’s nurse should hold a higher authority than doctors in a set pattern of daily patients being nursed, but the reality does not match what it should be. It is therefore few nurses who start their own businesses in fields related to the profession that holds full authority for any decision. In addition, many nurses are starting a business that is outside the educational path he took as a nurse, it was done with the aim of achieving the highest success that they could not do if the nurse just so regular. So basically a good self-image of nurses will also bring good influence to other businesses that will live it. Conversely poor self-image that will be detrimental to our business started, or even businesses that have been undertaken.

Examples of businesses that can be taken by nurses :

  1. Bureau of Home Health Nurses
    Businesses that work in the field of services that puts home health care aid to assist elderly or sick people with various jobs. People are getting older, the longer age, and living in their own homes as long as possible. Private Nurse Salary is high and many households do not need them every day. Health assistance is a better choice.
  2. Bureau Consulting Health Problems
    This business also engaged in services. This business is worth to the profession of nursing , because nurses role as health educator will be done here , consultations are offered in this agency is not only about the disease that was suffered by the patient but also the general prevention of other diseases that may go unnoticed by the general public . This kind of business is a good choice because it will get a lot of positive response from the general public who feel the immediate satisfaction of the community it self.
  3. Bureau Training First Aid Treatment
    The business must also engaged in services. This business is aimed at the general public who want to know how to handle first aid due to not want to rely on the health care team, especially if we only had a little accident on the road that should not really need the health care team.

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How to Change a Bad View of The Public about The Bad Image of Nurses



Imaging nurses who thrive in the mass media should be addressed in a way that is wise. Many things that should be taken into introspection and boosters by a nurse, as nurses are more communicative, friendly, and improve the knowledge and skills appropriate to the profession.

In the presence of the mass media, are expected nurses were able to improve their performance in providing services to the community such as:

  1. Fostering Professional Attitude and The Ability to View
    As a professional nurse job satisfaction gained further foster the achievement of capabilities through better work performance. Critical thinking skills to make decisions and be able to account for the decisions and actions taken are one of the main factors to achieve job satisfaction (Lones and beck 1996). And if the job satisfaction has been achieved then it will feel comfort in community service satisfaction.
  2. Improving Quality of Care / Nursing Care and Health
    Higher education nursing cause significant changes to the way nurses view nursing care and nursing gradually shifted from the originally oriented to be a goal-oriented task that focuses on effective nursing care using the nursing process and holistic approach to improving the quality of service . It will get a positive response from the community that will gradually improve the reputation of nurses.
  3. Creating Your Own Business Related to The Nursing Profession
    By doing business that specializes in health there would be a lot of positive response from the community, especially on the status of the owner who is a nurse, but certainly not easy in pioneering a successful business. Things like that require a lot of calculation, the readiness to accept risk, and others.

It changes the image of nurses in the public eye should be done for all developments in the world of nursing will easily fit in a variety of media so we have to consider a lot of things in making a decision relating to the good name of the title .

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How Self Image of Nurses Today in The View of Society and How to Fix a Bad View of The Nurse

Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design


The development of technology and the rapid mass media does not escape the world highlighting the health and nursing. It is characterized by its many related news and stuff about nurses and nursing, all of them published in various forms, some are shown in the form of news in various print media, and some are in the show in various plays in a movie or documentary which of course is the views of the general public about the nursing profession. The material displayed and diverse aspects are ranging from the success of the nurses, a bit of a problem and the poor image of the nurse. No wonder it is also an impact on nurses themselves, nursing, and public perception. Another thing is also reinforced by the many people who, started to highlight the performance of health workers and criticize various aspects contained in the health service through the mass media. The increase of people’s knowledge, affecting an increasing public demand for quality health services, including nursing services. Therefore, the image of a nurse increasingly becomes the spotlight. In our daily life, especially in health care institutions, it is found unfavorable behavior of nurses in providing nursing care. That is often a debate in the community so that spread to the mass media.

It feels unethical, if the mass media judge the nurses do an unfavorable action. This is because that the people’s demand for health services to be truly satisfying. So that they no longer expect there are some nurses who did lack. As a result, the success of a nurse in imaging and measuring of the overall service provided.

  1. Nurses do a lot of misconduct
    In the mass media, a lot of news about the negligence committed by nurses in his actions, no wonder a lot of cases like this that eventually culminate in the trial due to the demands of the patient’s family . This happens because the ability of nurses’ standardization is still lacking, it was the one that led to the discovery of many nurses who perform a variety of errors.
  2. Nurses are less friendly attitude
    This is a point that is the most widely discussed in the media and related community services provided by nurses. Emerging paradigm of nurses in the community has also been regarded as being horrible and scary at the hospital. Not imaginary nurse as someone who is bitchy and rude often displayed in the media, either through written and spoken word, or even through the play the role of a nurse in a story. This is what reinforces assumptions about the community nurse.
  3. Positive image of nurses is rarely highlighted
    So far we have seen, encouraging news from a nurse rarely to be found. This happens because it is covered by many problems that arise in the world of nursing so that, the success of a nurse would not be considered as something extraordinary.

This of course is a challenge for the nursing profession in developing professionalism for providing a quality service so that nurses always a good image in the public eye.

To be a professional nurse need a hard work in overcoming a variety of challenges and demands. This is because the imaging nurse who has become a strong doctrine inherent in society through media coverage are sometimes bad, as arrogant, bitchy, unfriendly, less well educated . Those are the image of nurses is shown in the mass media . What is shown in the mass media is an accumulation of a growing perception in the community through the media, do not be surprised if the nursing profession is difficult to get a good place in the hearts of the people as health workers.

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Nurse Entering The Era of Multiple Intellegency



According to Drs. Howard Garder, researchers from Harvard who claimed Multiple intelligence theory, there are nine types of intelligence that includes :

  1. Language intelligent : smart in word processing
  2. Image intelligent: have a high imagination
  3. Music intelligent : sensitive to sound and rhythm
  4. Body intelligent : skilled in treating body and motion
  5. Intelligent in math and logic: smart in science and math
  6. Soial intelligent : high ability in reading the thoughts and feelings of others
  7. Self intelligent : be aware of your strengths and weaknesses
  8. Nature intelligent : sensitive to the nature around
  9. Spiritual intelligent : realize the meaning of existence in relation to the creator

Studies of people who are very succesful show that they also have other characteristics that stand out. First, they have a big dream, clear objectives, and holding fast to the dream. Secondly, they do not work being alone, they were able to forgive the forces whithin him and around him. So, they developed two other intelligence as a complement of the IQ-EQ-SQ. They developed intelligence which is called Aspiration Intelligence and Power Intelligence. It turns out that the person who are success, developed five intelligence with balance. These five intelligence we call it as SEPIA (Spiritual – Emotional – Power – Intellectual – Aspiration).

To be successful and happy, nurses need to develop five intelligence. Succes in the broadest sense, involving financial, business, career, family, health, personal development, happiness, and all that is valuable for human purposes. These five intelligence is a reflection of the character and competence. Aspiration, spiritual, and emotional intelligence represents character. While intellectual intelligent and the power of the management represents competence.

Nurse relationship with self image :

Positive self-image must be owned by a nurse, it will increase his respect for the people wo think negatively towards nurses. If a nurse considers himself as someone who can be reliable the others will assume the nurse was reliable. Conversely, if he considers himslef not reliable then others will assume the nurse was unreliable.

Definiton of Self Image


What is self image ? Self image is perception of ourselves created by ourselves. Often we do not realize what our self image is. Is it positive? Or is it negative? Positive or negative depending on where and how we judge ourselves. So, self-image is how we perceive, describe and assess ourselves.

  1. The Importance of Self Image in Nursing Business
    Self-image becomes an important foundation for nurses to move into a nursing business in life. When the nurse started the movement with a negative self-image, it is no wonder what was obtained as the final result became negative in accordance with previously established self-image. Conversely, when the nurse started his movement with a positive self-image, it will get the final result as well as a positive self-image is formed from the beginning. Self-image or self-assessment can be said as a reward to ourselves.Self image that has been built by the nurse will be able to affect :

    • a person’s way of thingking and talking
    • the way people see the world outside
    • individuals in treating others
    • one option
    • the individual’s ability to receive or give love
    • the individual’s ability to do something
  2. Tips on Building a Business in The Nursing ProfessionCourageous is the initial capital of an enterpreneur :
    – nurses dare to try
    – nurses dare to go abroad
    – nurses scattered to fail
    – nurses dare to succeed
    – nurses dare to be differentMental cultivate enterpreneurial person is :
    – Through personal commitment
    – Through a conducive environment and socially
    – Through education and training
    – Through circumstances forced
    – Through an ongoing process

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